Summary of “Tech Industry 2019”

UAB “Sacom” took part for the first time in the most important trade fair in the Baltic region “Tech Industry 2019”!
Summing up the exhibition, over 200 companies visited our booth. We introduced visitors to the following products:

Milling and Engraving Machine ArtNC Mi-01 CNC.
This is a compact model weighing only about 65 kilograms, so the machine will easily become an assistant to a small company or individual entrepreneur. The equipment will be especially in demand in technological processes for engraving or milling of piece parts. Due to its compactness and small overall dimensions, it can replace rather large machines, freeing them time for more complex tasks. “ArtNC Mi-01” is very popular in:
• manufacture of molds and master models,
• engraving
• manufacturing of printed circuit boards, etc.

 Apex Drive Technology:
• Coaxial and angular precision gears. Of particular interest were the complete gearboxes of the AD series assembled with gears. Specially designed for cutting contactless systems, such as laser and plasma cutting of metal. The economical P-series reduction gears and the AF-series high-precision gearboxes.
• Precision gear racks and cogwheels. High-precision spur and helical racks and cogwheels of Q5 and Q6 accuracy classes were presented for automation of production and precision machine tools.

Hiwin products have demonstrated a novelty - DATORKER® wave gears.
The DATORKER® wave gearbox is characterized by high efficiency, high accuracy, high torsional rigidity and low starting torque.
They are widely used in robots, automation equipment, machine tools and other industries.

TEKNOMOTOR spindles, which are designed for processing light metals, plastics and wood.

Atgal į naujienų straipsniai
Atgal į naujienų straipsniai